American Blackjack: Playtech’s American version review

The dealer is waiting for you at a table to deal you up to 5 hands that you can play at the same time, so don’t stand him up, read our review and compare yourself with him in an exciting and successful game.

Read on to find out all the ins and outs of blackjack rules and some specific features and restrictions. Once you know what you need to know, we provide you with a basic strategy chart for the American version and as you follow it, you will soon become a blackjack expert. We ensure the best preparation for the real game with a casino recommendation where you can practice the game in a demo version for as long as you like and where the chips cost you nothing. The next logical step is to recommend reliable and safe casinos where you can reap the rewards of what you have learned.

A quick review of the rules

There are many theories about the origin of blackjack, some of which claim that the game has European roots, so the European version is considered the classic. American blackjack is a variation with slightly transformed rules, which means that the development of the game changes in some respects. The major difference is that in the American version the dealer checks for a blackjack when his face-up card is an A or a 10, if it comes up with a blackjack the game is automatically over.

Although this feature is found in the American versions of other providers, the developers at Playtech have decided to remove it and the dealer cannot look at his second card, so insurance is available. As a reminder, insurance is a side bet against a dealer’s possible blackjack when his first card is an Ace and the amount bet is half the normal bet. If the dealer has a blackjack, the payout is 2 to 1.

Unlike other blackjack variants, where an already split hand can be split again, in Playtech’s American Blackjack this will not be possible. On the other hand, if you believe that with an already split hand you can beat the dealer, you are allowed to double the bet after the split. As for the settings, the game has a lot to show, we were impressed by the accent on the options to enhance the ambience, the table mat is available in 9 different colours, as well as you can choose from three ambient music themes.

Is there an ideal strategy?

It is difficult to determine a strategy that works in all cases, however, we offer some basic tips, which we have presented in the tables below and if you follow them, the dealer will have less of an advantage over you. You will see certain dependencies that are determined by the cards in your hand and the dealer’s face-up card, for example, if the value of your hand is 4 to 8 you can easily hit a new card, because there is no chance of going over 21. If your hand is 16 or more and the dealer’s first card is worth less than 6, it is a different case and you will risk a lot by hitting, because it is very likely that you will go over and the dealer will not, since the highest value of his first two cards in this case can be 17 (6+11). The RTP of American Blackjack with this basic strategy is around 99.58%.

American Blackjack Strategy

The rules of this strategy are really basic, by following them you diminish the house edge, but you don’t eliminate it, you can often win by hitting with a hand of 17 and conversely, bust with 12 if you are unlucky enough to draw a card with a value of 10. After all, this is a game of chance and a big part of the fun is the adrenaline rush. Playing for real money does get the adrenaline pumping and if you like that feeling we recommend you get in and enjoy it at Casino Gran Madrid with their welcome package up to $2,500 for your first three deposits, $10 for registering and a further $10 plus 50 free spins on the Book of Oz slot that the casino gives you if you verify your details.

Play in demo mode

See first-hand how the basic strategy works and play the demo version of the game on the Casino Gran Madrid or Betsson casino portals. To take advantage of this, you don’t need to register first, simply find the game in your selections and choose demo mode. All the features available in the real mode are present in the demo version, the only exception is the history which is only displayed if you play for real. Hit, split or double down, play for fun for as long as you need to, you won’t be charged a penny.

American Blackjack Trial Version

If you’ve never played blackjack before and don’t have beginner’s luck, you may find that you lose certain amounts in your first few games, so why take this risk? The demo version will eliminate it, the money you play with is fictitious and all you lose are imaginary figures and your insecurity. In the real version you have a number of games limited by the balance you have and once this runs out, you will not be able to play any more, here this cannot happen to you, you restart the game and recharge the fictitious balance.