Circus themed slot machine

At some point in our existence, circuses were the center of entertainment par excellence. Animals, clowns, trapeze artists, bearded women, magic, fantasy and many more acts were part of the circus show. The change in lifestyle, culture and even laws (greater protection for animals), caused the decline and, therefore, the extension of these enclosures to begin. However, there are still some acquaintances who resist thanks to the modernization of their practices and the addition of new elements, such as amusement parks and even digital experiences.

Big Top Circus

Big Top Circus – The circus arena in its truest form. This is how Big Top Circus could be defined, a slot machine from the Multislot company, composed of a 5 × 3 screen, bets between 0.05 and 6.25 credits, and a theoretical return equal to 96.88%. Animals with different skills are the stars of the reels in this colorful and very lucrative game. Sorcerers, jugglers, lions and tightrope bears are some of the figures that make up the Big Top Circus image card. The extra bonus rounds are not lacking, nor are the Wild and Scatter symbols.

The twisted circus

The Twisted Circus It is true that circuses are primarily places for the entertainment of infants, but it is also true that some of these enclosures have a frightening aura for some spectators. The Twisted Circus picks up this peculiarity very well, and turns it into a game with overtones of darkness and mystery, starting with the design of its own protagonists. Five reels, 243 pay lines, and bets between 0.01 and 0.25 coins, are some of the most relevant technical characteristics of this title from the Microgaming company. The available jackpot amounts to 83,200 credits, and the theoretical yield is 96.36%.

Circus HD

Circus HDWorld Match is the firm responsible for the creation of Circus HD, a machine with very careful graphics, a 5 × 3 screen and 25 variable winning combinations. More than the circus as a show, the game tries to show the composition of the fairs around the premises where the presentations of the trained animals, the clowns and the jugglers take place. For this reason, the reels are filled with images of food stalls such as hot dogs, popcorn, sweets and sandwiches of various kinds. Accepted bets range from 0.30 to 120 credits, and the potential return is 94.98%.

Wicked circus

Wicked Circus is a Video Slot with 5 reels, 3 rows. It has 5 lines paying from the left and 5 lines paying from the right. There are six regular symbols and one Joker symbol. Regular symbols win if three or more are lined up on a payline, starting in the leftmost or rightmost position. Wild symbols award a mystery win whenever three or more of them appear anywhere on the screen. Any line win in the base game activates the Jokerizer Mode. Your victory is charged to the Jokerizer balance that you can use to bet in Jokerizer mode. Jokerizer mode ends when a mystery triumph of 500 coins or more is won or the collect button is pressed. In Jokerizer mode, only Jokers are required to win a Mystery Win.