The sports betting sites with the best Sign-Up Bonuses

In what form is the bet refunded? Some sites, such as Paries Sport, reimburse the bonus directly in cash. You can then place a new bet or withdraw the amount from your bank account. Other sites, such as Unibet or Betclic, offer reimbursement in the form of free bets. The amount must then be replayed at least once before it can be withdrawn.

How does the refund work? Refunds are often made in several parts. For many sites, part of the amount is refunded within 24 hours of the bet. The other part is paid out as soon as the identity documents have been checked and the account is validated. If the account has been validated before the bet, the Bonus is refunded in full.

The amount of the Bonus: The amount of the Bonus at registration may vary according to the different Paris Sportifs sites. For example, Unibet or Winamax offer a bonus of €100, while offers a bonus of up to €200.

The conditions to benefit from the Sign-Up Bonus on sports betting websites:

  • In accordance with the law, Paris Sportifs websites are strictly forbidden to minors. To be 18 years old is a prerequisite to register on any sports betting site and benefit from the Bonus.
  • To benefit from the full Bonus at registration, identity verification must be completed and the account must be validated.
  • A minimum deposit for the first bet, often between €10 and €30, is required at most sites. If a deposit is made below the limit indicated by the site, the Bonus cannot be used.
  • Sign-Up bonuses are valid for 15 to 60 days. After this date, the bet will no longer be eligible for the Bonus.

Which sports betting site should I choose?

There are a large number of online sports betting sites such as Bwin, Betclic, or PMU which specialises in horse racing and sports betting. So how do you choose the best online sports betting site?

Many beginners certainly ask themselves the question of which sports betting site to choose. When choosing the best online sports betting site, it is important to do so according to your requirements and preferences.

If, for example, you want to bet only on football and not on other sports, then you will have to look for the site that offers the best odds in that sport. France-Pari and Unibet regularly display the best odds.

Or you may wish to bet on all sports, in which case you may need to choose the site that offers the best overall odds. Pari-Sport and Unibet frequently display very good odds.

There are many possibilities and strategies to consider. For this reason, it is important to choose the best sports betting site for your needs.

Best sports betting site for beginners

For new punters, you are probably wondering how to play and how to find the best online sports betting sites for beginners.

In our selection of the best sports betting sites for beginners, the Unibet site certainly presents itself as the best and most complete. For beginners, this site is one of the easiest and most fun to use. It has a well-thought-out ergonomic design. The majority of beginners will probably enjoy this simplicity. In addition to the qualities of a good sports betting site, Unibet also offers the possibility to play poker online.

At Unibet you can get a bonus of up to €100 on your first bet, giving you an extra chance if you miss your very first bet.

Which sports betting site is the most reliable?

There is no shortage of sites where you can bet online. It is sometimes difficult to quickly find serious and safe sports betting sites. There are two types of sports betting sites. Some dishonest sites that scam players and secure online gambling sites.

It is sometimes complicated to know whether a sports betting site is reliable and secure. To ensure the reliability and security of sports betting sites, it is essential to ensure that the sites are regulated by the gambling authorities.

All the websites on our list of the best online sports betting sites are ARJEL certified and have the necessary licences to guarantee their reliability. Simply browse through our selection and choose the sports betting site that suits you best to start betting online safely.