Strategy for Bingo

One of the most commonly used strategies among bingo players concerns the number of cards used. It is advisable to play with the highest number of cards possible as this increases the chance of winning. If you have more cards, there is a greater chance that the number the announcer calls out will be on one of the cards you bought.

Some experts say that 4 is the optimal number, but this can vary depending on the number of other players and the jackpot size of the game.

Some venues also do not allow players to play with many cards, and in some, such as bingo games held in churches, it is even a requirement that all players use the same number of cards.

Use as many cards as you can manage

Even though the last tip said that you should play with as many cards as possible, this does not mean that you should buy cards that you cannot even watch and tick. That is why you should make sure that you can track and keep an eye on all the cards you have bought. After all, it would be a waste of time and money to buy many cards but then not be able to check and tick them at all.

The choice of numbers

This is another important aspect as it is not only the number of cards that is important but more importantly the choice of numbers on those cards. If players want to buy more than 1 card, they should look at the cards and choose cards that do not have many numbers in common so as to increase the chance of winning.

The number of players involved

You should participate in bingo games with a small number of players as this increases the chances of winning. We therefore recommend avoiding promotional days and special games. This increases your chances, but also those of your fellow players. Nevertheless, it is worth it.

Players should listen carefully to the announcer and make sure to mark the correct numbers.