The Best Sports Betting Sites!

Ben, the expert: “The most bankable sites seem to be one step ahead in terms of navigation, catalogue and functionality. Obviously their odds and bonuses are definitely a notch above”.

However, some outsider bookmakers are getting stronger. To find out which is the best online betting site in 2021, you first need to know what you are looking for? Some sites will have the advantage of simple navigation and a good application, other platforms will have a variety of deposit methods or grids more suited to the French market. For more information, go to the pages dedicated to bookmakers.

The best sports betting websites in 2021

  • Unibet. Best application
  • Winamax. Best Bonus
  • Betclic. The all-rounder
  • Sport Betting. Best French site
  • Bwin. Good odds
  • Pokerstars Sports. New betting site
  • Vbet. Very good site for football
  • Netbet. Big sign-up bonus

As in any business sector, comparing the best sports betting sites requires experience and a relevant analysis of navigation, security and bonuses… In 2021, the French online betting market has a dozen bookmakers who stand out from the crowd. But how to choose one? I suggest you read the different articles keeping in mind what you are looking for as a player. Ask yourself the right questions before you sign up to get a bonus and start betting online. Because the biggest bookmaker may not be the best for your level or your favourite sports. Compare the offers of reliable sports betting sites to make money with your expertise.

History & Legality

Even if all the sites present are legal, it is always pleasant to bet with a bookmaker who has been on the market for several years. The confidence index is then more important.


The diversity of choices and the depth of options are important for the player’s pleasure but also for his strategy. Some sports are riskier than others… Football betting accounts for 70% of sports betting in Europe.

Optimised navigation on the application and the site

The ergonomics of the site and the application is important for the user experience.

Methods of payment

A site with the capacity to have several means of storage is always a reassuring sign for customers. Digital wallets such as Paypal are present on almost all betting sites.

Welcome offers / Bonuses

The best bookmakers are often in the best position to offer the best bonuses. Sports betting offers vary according to the amount offered but above all according to the associated conditions.


The leaders in sports betting offer odds that are significantly higher than the smaller venues. The quality of the odds is a determining factor in achieving higher profits.

Our sports betting site comparator therefore includes 6 major criteria that are fed by analyses of other smaller factors.

Bonus of sports betting sites, how does it work?

Bonuses or welcome offers are obviously to be taken into account when you have to register to start online betting. But make no mistake, the biggest amount displayed is not always the one that is actually the biggest bonus in your pocket. To help you choose or simply understand, we will decipher with you the different bonuses on the sports betting sites. To find the ranking table of the best welcome offers on sports betting sites, click here.

What is a welcome offer or bonus?

Like any good trader, bookmakers generally welcome you with a small gift. Most of them are only valid once. Most of the best betting sites offer you other small bonuses during the year at major events or on your birthday, for example. 150€ on the one hand, 3×50€ or 100+50€ on the other hand, the welcome offers are now very diversified and more and more complex. Make no mistake, the aim is always the same: You attract. This is not a scam, you simply have to read all the bonus conditions to find out who really has the most advantageous offer. For beginners (or lazy people) we’ve done the work and fortunately for us there are big families of bonuses for betting online.

Why should you take advantage of bonuses from online betting sites?

The answer is quite simple, thanks to these offers, either you build up an interesting starting capital that will allow you to set up your betting strategy, or your risk-taking will have cost you nothing. The best online betting sites all offer bonuses of more than 100 euros with relatively simple conditions. Validating your bonus is an important step in your betting life.