Why your club should be part of
the Oregon Trails Program?


When the Oregon Trails Sisters Program (now the Oregon Trails Program) started, the intent was and still is to provide golf courses, with membership programs, an added benefit for their members: inexpensive play at other courses.

Many members of the associated courses and probably like your members enjoy playing other courses. With this in mind the founders of the Oregon Trail Sisters program decided to create a reciprocal program where courses could promote other courses to their members.

Each of the course representatives believed in the value of reciprocal play for their members, however, instead of the usual process they chose to band together and create one reciprocal process instead of many. It was eaiser and gave their members many more options than they could do individually.

In the beginning, and still in practice at many of the OTG courses, is a rate structure where players pay the current rate for renting a golf cart and the play is included. Some courses have added a $5 or $10 premium, but the rates remain very reasonable.

This is a "design what is right for you" program; example parameters include:

We have made the OTG program flexible to ensure your success. The Oregon Trails program must make sense for you to be profitable and the OTG members for them to enjoy great play at great prices.

Offer more benefits to your members. Your members love your course, but sometimes they simply like the opportunity to play other courses and through the Oregon Trails Program you can offer them the opportunity at reduced rates.

Introduce new golfers to your course, who will then spread the word about your course to their friends.

Increase your appeal to prospective members by offering a program your competitors do not have.

When you hold tournaments, which close your course, where do your members, who are not part of the tournament, go to play. The Oregon Trails program provides alternatives at competitive prices.

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