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It was sometime around 1995 when several Oregon golf clubs got together to discuss how they could promote more golf play. The result of the meeting was the beginning of The Oregon Trail, Sister Club Program.

The premise behind the program allows a restricted number of tee times to members of other private and semi-private facilities. The benefit was to provide free green fees but require a cart rental fee. Over the years some of the affiliate courses changed their fee arrangements adding a few dollars to the cost but with the same intent; offer Oregon Trail members a good deal on golf at member clubs.

Today the program continues to offer members of over 25 Oregon and Washington clubs the opportunity to play other courses at member prices.

The Oregon Trails Program works through your home professional staff only! If you are in the area of an affiliate and call the affiliate direct, you will not be allowed to play withint the cost and parameters of the Oregon Trail Program. You must contact your home pro to arrange the tee time at the affiliate clubs.

Come check us out and learn more about this opportunity to experience great golf at great courses at great prices!

Oregon Trails Golf

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